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Original & Signature Layer Cakes

Pumpkin Spice with Cream Cheese Icing# (serves 16-20)                      $38.00
Featured in the Washington Post.  Three layers of wonderfully moist pumpkin
cake, studded with golden raisins. This cake has been known to convert 
those who ďdonít like pumpkinĒ!

Devilís Food Cake w/ Chocolate Sour Cream Icing (serves 20-22)         $44.00
One of my best sellers.  Three luscious layers of ultra-moist dark chocolate, surrounded by chocolate sour cream icing.  A tall, proud layer cake, unapologetically rich & chocolaty!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake# (serves 16-20)                                       $38.00
Featured in the Washington Post.  Three tender chocolate layers are 
slathered with a luscious peanut butter filling.  A dark chocolate glaze
tops it all off.  This is one of my personal favorites!

Chocolate Mint Cake (serves 16-20)                                                           $38.00
If you love the classic combination of mint& dark chocolate, this cake
is for you!  Three moist & tender layers of chocolate cake, refreshing 
mint filling, topped with a dark chocolate Crème de Menthe glaze.

Mounds Cake (serves 16-20)                                                                       $40.00
For those chocolate& coconut lovers.  This cake has three chocolate layers, slathered with a rich coconut filling.  The cake edge is wrapped in a dark chocolate ganache.  Mounded with lots of coconut on top.

Fallen Angel# (serves 12-16)                                                                      $30.00
This is one of my signature cakes!  Single layer French chocolate cake, 
dark & moist, perfect for a dinner party or special occasion.  
Comes with homemade Amaretto whipped cream to serve on the side.

Classic Layer Cakes

Old Fashioned German Chocolate# (serves 16-20)                                    $40.00
Three layers of delicate sweet chocolate cake, enrobed in classic 
coconut pecan icing.  Decorated with candied pecans.  Very nostalgic!

Luscious Coconut Layer Cake (serves 16-20)                                              $40.00
A tall, elegant layer cake made with three delicate layers of coconut 
scented cake, delicious coconut icing, & lots of coconut.

Island Carrot Cake# (serves 16-20)                                                                $40.00
A new spin on an old favorite:  fresh carrots are moistened with 
pineapple, coconut & crystallized ginger.  This cake has a wonderful fresh orange
cream cheese icing.  Candied walnuts decorate the top.

Grandmaís Boston Cream Pie (serves 12-16)                                                $34.00
An old-time favorite brought to life with two delicate layers of vanilla cake, homemade vanilla custard, set off perfectly by a dark chocolate glaze.

Old Fashioned Vanilla Cake w/ Chocolate Sour Cream Icing (16-20)       $38.00
For those who want the uncompromised simplicity of vanilla & chocolate.
Three thick layers of vanilla buttermilk cake with chocolate sour cream icing.

Sheet CakesÖÖ.Available in 2-layer ¼ sheet (serves approx. 35-40)

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing                               $56.00
Luscious Coconut Sheet Cake                                                                          $62.00
Mounds Sheet Cake:  Devilís Food Layers, Coconut Icing, 
             Wall of Chocolate GanacheÖ.outrageous!                                        $75.00
Devilís Food Cake with Chocolate Sour Cream Icing                                   $62.00
Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Sour Cream Icing                                            $56.00
Island Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Icing#                                $60.00

Out of this World Cupcakes

Boston Cream Cupcakes (15)                                                                         $45.00
Butterfinger Cupcakes# (20)                                                                          $60.00
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes# (20)                                                     $60.00
Mint Chocolate Cupcakes (20)                                                                       $60.00
Pumpkin Spice w/ Golden Raisins & Vanilla Icing# (10 or 20)            $30.00/$60.00
Island Carrot Cake Cupcakes# (20)                                                              $60.00
Mounds Cupcakes (chocolate w/ coconut icing) (20)                                   $60.00
Creamsicle Cupcakes (vanilla with fresh orange icing) (24)                       $72.00
Vanilla Cupcakes w/ Chocolate Sour Cream Icing (24)                              $72.00
German Chocolate Cupcakes (9 or 18)                                                    $27.00/$54.00
Oreo Cupcakes (chocolate w/ van. filling) (20)                                            $60.00
Coconut Cupcakes (12 or 24)                                                                    $36.00/$72.00

All cupcakes are $3.00 each; batch sizes are approximate.
#Contains nuts or nut products.  In some cakes, nuts may be omitted.

Cookies, Tartlets & Finger Desserts

New! Italian Lemon Drop Cookies (30)                                                    $25.00
Snappy fresh lemon flavor, delicate soft iced cookie....makes any event special!

Mint Butter Twists (60)                                                                              $33.00
Delicate butter cookies dipped in Crème de Menthe flavored dark choc.

Pecan Tartlets# (45)                                                                                  $34.00
A Southern favorite, like tender little pecan pies.

Mary Janeís Pumpkin Cookies (45)                                                         $32.00
Soft, moist cake-like cookies with golden raisins & an orange glaze.

Pignoli (Pine Nut) Cookies# (24)                                                            $36.00
A more delicate version of this Italian classic.  Delicious!

Greek Wedding Cookies# (30)                                                                 $20.00
Made with finely ground walnuts & butter.  These melt in your mouth.

Old Fashioned Ginger Molasses (35)                                                      $25.00
Soft & full of flavor.  Very nostalgic.

Chocolate Frangelico Crinkles# (30)                                                      $26.00
Soft, elegant, very adult cookies.  Not too sweet, but very chocolaty.

Peanut Butter Kisses (35)                                                                         $28.00
Moist, soft peanut butter cookies with a classic Kiss in the middle. 

M&M Bar Cookies (24)                                                                                $18.50
Washington Postís #1 Readerís Top Recipe for all of 2012!  My take on a blondie
bar, with loads of M&Mís packed inside. These have a very loyal following!

Break My Heart Brownies (24 squares)                                                   $18.50
Super moist, dark chocolate brownies, dusted with powdered sugar.

Brown Butter Blondies (24)                                                                         $18.00
Elegant little bars with coconut & white choc., very buttery, & delicious.

Cheesecake Brownie Bites (Mint or Amaretto#) (40)                              $28.00
Part brownie, part cheesecake.  Super-moist.

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies (15)                                                            $23.00
Slightly crisp, but soft inside, & very large!  Everyone loves these.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies (35)                                                                   $25.00
Chocolate chip cookies elevated to new heights!

Triple Trouble Chocolate Cookies (27)                                                     $25.00
Dark choc. cookies, studded with both white & dark chocolate chips.

Lemon Triangles (45)                                                                                  $27.00
Lemon squares taken to new heights.  Everyone loves these!

Mini Italian Cheesecakes# (55)                                                                 $36.00
Made w/ricotta.  Flavored w/Amaretto, Frangelico, or Triple Sec.

Fancy Lemon Tartlets (35)                                                                        $30.00
Elegant lemon mousse tartlets.  Perfect for a special occasion.

Mini Key Lime "Pies" (45)                                                                         $30.00
Tart & tiny, these are a perfect little bite of something special.

Tiny Chocolate Cream "Pies" (45)                                                           $36.00
Darling little tartlets filled with homemade dark choc. custard.

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