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Mary Lee's Desserts is a fully licensed home-based business located in Vienna VA.  

My small business has been running continuously now for 14 years.  I make delicious old fashioned layer cakes, outrageous cupcakes and wonderfully nostalgic cookies and tartlets. Many of my cakes are original cakes that I've designed......you won't find anything like them.  And my "old fashioned" recipes are meant to bring back the tastes that we remember from long ago.   

Many bakeries offer pretty cakes, cupcakes and cookies that often don't taste like much.  They may have been sitting for days, becoming dry. Even custom cakes are very commercial tasting.  My desserts are known for their delicious taste.  My clients know that my goodies will always look pretty (not perfect)..............but taste absolutely wonderful.  

At Mary Lee's Desserts, I use only all natural eggs from cage free hens, buttermilk and milk from Whole Foods (no growth hormones/antibiotics), and the best fruits that I can find.  I use fine Mexican vanilla and a variety of chocolates to give my desserts a depth of flavor that you won't find in store bought.

My menu changes seasonally, so please check back often!

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