If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us. We would like to hear from you. 
 If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us and we would like to hear from you.

My greatest pleasure is hearing back from happy customers.  Here's a sampling:

"We can't believe how good your cupcakes are.  Really.  They are absolutely the best.  I don't know how you do it, but they are magical!"  Anne C. 11/13

"The best cake I have ever eaten (re Island Carrot Cake).  The cake was delicious and beautiful."  Kathy M.  11/13

"Awesome...Best EVER (re Peanut Butter Kisses)!".  Mary M.  9/13

"Thank you so much for making three amazing cakes for my graduation party.  I had so many people - adults and kids alike - come up to ask where we had gotten 'the best cake ever'.  I am so impressed (as always) at how delicious and moist your cakes (and cookies, brownies, and cupcakes are."  Haley H.  6/13

"I wanted to let you know how much our guests raved about your cake and brownies.  Everything was amazingly delicious."  Sandy R.  6/13

"I just want to say that your works of art are the most moist cupcakes that I have EVER had!"  Catherine I. 5/13

"Wow!  The cake was AMAZING (re Mint Chocolate Cake)!  Genette B.  5/13

"The cakes weren't just a hit, I can honestly say, that everyone of the 58 guests commented about how great they were.  The Mounds (sheet) Cake was outstanding."  Maryann H. 3/13

"These cupcakes put Georgetown Cupcakes to shame."  She is right.  They are just amazing.   Sue S. 12/12

"THE CAKE (Devil's Food Layer Cake) IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER HAD.  SERIOUSLY......All around a winner and a big part of a happy birthday!"   Mary M. 12/12 

"On your advice, I was open to the pumpkin cupcakes even though I'm not a "pumpkin person".  My response - best ever!  LOVED them."  Mary M. 10/12

"...we say THANK YOU!!! for the wonderful cupcakes.  Truly, they were the best cupcakes we have ever eaten."  Darlene P. 3/12

"Happy to send people your way.....your cupcakes are the best."  Linda R. 3/12

"Everyone LOVED the treats.  All of us have a new love - your chocolate brownies....don't know how you get them so rich and dense, yet so light, but they are heaven on earth."  Shana S.  2/12

"The Family really loved the cookie tray, everyone raved about the cookies."  Matt C. 11/11

"Everyone loved them (Lemon/Blueberry Cupcakes)!  Thanks so much!!!  They remarked how fresh they were and they LOVED the icing!"  Eva D.  5/11

"I cannot tell you how absolutely wonderful your cake was!  The very best birthday cake ever!"  Shannon S.  3/11

"....the cakes were an absolute sensation....they were so moist and delicious!  I can't thank you enough......"  Jon B.  2/11

"It was splendid (Devil's Food Cake)!  As soon as I opened the box that chocolate aroma floated up to me.  As the adults were sitting around the living room....there was not a sound except the scraping of forks on plates.  They were completely absorbed!"  Ellen C.  1/11

"I just wanted to tell you that my mom as well as my entire family and girlfriend LOVED your cupcakes.  They blow G-town out of the water."   Kham A. 1/11

"...Carrot Cake has never been my favorite unitl I had your version.  Took a piece home and they also thought it was hands down the best ever."  Jeff F.  1/11

"Oh my goodness, the were SOOOOOO delicious!!  I took some (cupcakes) to my family and they loved loved loved them too!"  Kathy M.  10/10

"The cupcakes were awesome!!  (We) both had the Mounds & thought they were the best chocolate we've ever had!!"  Teresa  10/10

"The cake was BEAUTIFUL!...splendid final course.....amazed at the lightness and deliciousness of both the cake and the extraordinary mint filler between the layers....so festive and elegant."  Betsy R.  10/10

"The cake was incredible....I don't even like German Chocolate Cake, but that cake was amazing.  He said it was the best he had ever had."  Sara B.  9/10

".....recently tried Georgetown and the new Cucpakes in Vienna & I honestly thought yours were much better."  Linda B.  9/10

"....your cupcakes are so superior to Georgetown Cupcakes - well, there is no comparison!"  Linda P.  9/10

"Our family had cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes over the weekend and unanimously agreed that their cupcakes do not hold a candle to yours.  In fact, your coconut cupcake actually put theirs to shame!"  Chris H.  7/10

"The cakes were a hit, as usual. Such a beautiful presentation and so delicious."  Jinger E.  6/10

"Cupcakes are a 10!"  Jeff F.  2/10

"I was BLOWN AWAY by those cupcakes.  They were fantastic!!".  Sherrie N.  12/09

"..........I had one of your Mint Choc. cupcakes last night and haven't stopped thinking about it.  SOOO GOOD!  Cupcakes have always been my favorite and that was the best I've ever had."  Jami B.  12/09

"......the pecan tartlets you made for us were awesome!!  I'll have to make this a holiday tradition!"  Barb S.  12/09

"The desserts were wonderful - delicious, pretty and perfect in every way."  Nadine W. 10/09

"Rave reviews all around for the cupcakes - both young and old said they were the best they ever had."  Shana S. 10/09

"Your Devil's Food Cake..........IS a BEST SELLER! You melt at the first bite! You are a true gem in the neighborhood!"  Flo W. 6/09

"I am blown away by how yummy the cake is.  You truly have a gift!"  Valerie M. 6/09

"This weekend I was surprised with the best cupcakes I've ever had! I wish I had an endless supply!"  Eric T. 5/09, And:  "......those were the absolute best cookies ever made."  3/09

"He said it was the best cake he had ever had!"   Lucy G. 2/09

"Your cookies and cakes were DIVINE!  The kids LOVED the cookies......and my husband MELTED when he bit into the cake!"   Flo W. 2/09

"My family has just finished eating all of your delicious cupcakes.  Every single one of them was amazing!"   Jillian H. 1/09

"My party was great fun & over-the-top memorable because of my delicious cake from you."   Charlene H. 2/08

"Thanks for the WONDERFUL desserts!   They were a big hit.   The orange chiffon cake was fantastic..........first rate all around"   Jill R. 5/08

"Your cake was outstanding & delicious!!!"   Torrey L.   5/08

"The cake was a huge hit.   It was so moist.........And the frosting!   Wow!   Two-thumbs up from the crowd!"   Maeve M. 5/08

"Oh my goodness, people went crazy for your desserts."   Mary H.   6/08

"..............note of praise for your wonderful work.   The cakes were beyond description.   Everyone raved about them.   Your work was the hit of the night."   Jinger E.   6/08

"Thank you SO much for a truly lovely addition to my sister's shower.   Everyone raved about the cake and cookies.   You're terrific!"   Kathy T. 9/07

"Thank you for the lovely desserts!   Everyone truly enjoyed them and was thrilled they were from a local, small business!"   Maryann H. 3/06


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